Machinery & Software



CNC Bednář Ltd. Is featured with a wide range of machine tools from the classic to the most modern CNC machines, guaranteeing high precision and complexity of production. An extensive fleet meets all requirements for precision Engineering. Molding has the latest injection molding machines for production of plastic parts.

• CNC milling centers 3 axis •Axis travels (xyz): up to 2030x810x810 mm                          

• CNC milling centers 5 axis •Axis travels (xyz): up to 885x800x500 and ø 600

• Wire cutters •  Maximum workpiece dimensions: up to 1050x800x195 mm

• EDM • Axis travels (xyz): up to 300x250x250 mm

• Injection molding machines • The space between columns: up to 630×630 mm, closing force up to 250 tonnes

• Magnetic grinders •  up to 800x400x400

• 3D printers • up to 255x205x220

• Lathes

• Universal milling machines

• Sandblasting box

To our customers we guarantee reliability, speed and quality of our products.