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CNC Bednář s.r.o. – precision machining

In CNC Bednář s.ro. we are focused on production of development parts, mold injection and more of  prototype devices. Our customers are mainly suppliers from automotive & electrical industry.

We are owners of PowerMILL PRO software licence, which allow us to fully work with the shaped surfaces. We also became the owners of SolidWorks CAD licenses, which increases our competitiveness.

We have significantly expanded the production of precision control products, fixtures for 3D measurement of plastic or metal parts. These products are manufactured and delivered “turn-key”, that means from the conceptual design process, construction, 2D and 3D product documentation, production, measurement and validation, processing capability and repeatability.

By extending our own construction capabilities we can offer to our customers production of prototype mold tools, including delivery of prototype parts in very interesting terms.

Our major customers include Czech republic based Škoda auto a.s., to which we provide special prototype parts whose production is subject to strict confidentiality. For this reason the communication between us and Škoda auto a.s. secured with OFTP2 protocol. In addition, we successfully cooperate with many large companies and we are very grateful for these cooperations.

We are a modern company with growing manufacturing program, machinery equipment                                                                         and clientele throughout the country.